Chris: Hi, thanks for shopping Comcast my name is Chris. Do you have any questions about our products or services that I can help answer?

You: I am moving to a new house. What is the best way to set that up and ensure I get the best deal?

Chris: I’d be more than happy to assist you in getting new services.

Chris: Do you mind if I ask a few questions to make sure we get the ideal package that best suits your needs?

You: Sure

Chris: Thank you! Just to check before we move on, are you a current
Comcast customer or have you had Comcast service in your name within the last 120 days?

You: Yes.

Chris: Thank you for being a Comcast customer!

Chris: May I have your complete address and zip code, as prices and plans
vary by address?

You: For the new house or current house?

Chris: For the new house please.


Chris: Thank you for providing your complete address with zip code.

Chris: One moment please as I will check your address for the availability of our service in your area.

Chris: Thank you for waiting.

Chris: May I know what product are you interested in?

You: I really just want fast internet @ 40-50mbps

You: i do not care about tv or phone packages so please do not try to sell me them

Chris: That’s a great choice!

Chris: To make sure it suits your needs, may I ask what types of things do you do online?

You: I have a quote from centurylink for $35/month for 40mbps

You: for 1 year

You: if you can’t do better than that, then I will go with them.

You: that’s w/ an upgrade to get 20mbps upload

Chris: I understand, just to set the proper expectation since you are already a Comcast customer and you are adding the new service in a different address regular rates will apply to you.

You: ok then you are saying I should go with centurylink?

Chris: I just only want to let you know.

Chris: May I ask what types of things do you do online?

You: OK so what is the best deal you can get me on internet only @ 40mbps?

You: I know what my bandwidth requirements are, I don’t need you to walk me through a script

Chris: I understand. How many computers or gaming devices do you connect to the internet? Are any of them laptops?

You: I have a few computers and gaming devices and some of them are laptops. I know what I need. Please just tell me the best deal you can give me on a 40-50mbps internet connection. I think you call this Blast Plus?

Chris: Great! May I ask if you have TV or Phone service with other provider?

You: I have a cell phone and I get TV via streaming and HD digital OTA dvr. I told you what I want. Please just give me a quote.

Chris: Before we move on, we currently have amazing offers available to you. I understand that you are interested in getting our Internet service; however, you may want to consider our Double Play offers which include amazing features and would provide you with substantial savings. Would you like to know more about our Double Play packages?

You: I am about to click Buy over at the CenturyLink website….

Chris: I understand, I just wanted to make sure you get the best service as possible.

Chris: Based on the information that you have provided earlier, I would highly recommend the Performance with Blast Internet. This plan has download speeds up to 50 Mbps and upload speeds up to 10 Mbps. This is perfect for gaming in real-time, download/upload files, watch online videos, web surfing, email, social networking online and connect all the devices in your home simultaneously. This is the ideal speed that will cater to your online activities.

You: … And i told you exactly what i want and you are trying to upsell me on other services when i explicitly told you I was not interested in them.

Chris: Performance w/ Blast is around $76.95/mo.

You: Ok thanks.

Chris: How does that sound?

You: Terrible.

You: I can get 100mbps DSL from centurylink for that price.

You: Thanks anyway.

Chris: Did you have any additional questions that I may address?

You: Nope.


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